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Why Hire a Professional?

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Why you should hire an ASMP member for your next assignment is simple: You are a professional and you want to work with fellow professionals. You want the best for your project; you expect the best. So take it to the logical conclusion and hire the best, an ASMP member.

Membership in ASMP is a credential recognized world-wide as a commitment to professionalism, quality, ethics, and as a sign of proven experience.

ASMP members are dedicated to their profession, their craft, their business, and to their clients. They know what it takes to produce the images that clients want and will devote their energies to meeting clients' expectations.

To be accepted as a General Member of ASMP, photographers must be actively and professionally engaged in photography for publication with three or more years of experience. And applicants must go through a proof of publication review by their peers at chapter level, or be accepted through a national committee.

Additionally, ASMP members continue to receive business education throughout their careers. That means they stay on top of not only technological developments but also are abreast of business techniques. And that means you get a true professional working with you from concept to completion.

And ASMP members are backed by an international network, which can help you. For example, if for some reason the ASMP member you contact cannot accept your assignment, the chances are he or she can refer you to a well qualified colleague.

Look at our history, at our accomplishments for professional photographers, and you will see why the best are members of ASMP and they have photographed virtually everything under the sun (and in outer space too!).

"Considering hiring a "friend with a camera?" Here’s why you should hire me, the professional. I run a successful business and plan on continuing to do so for years to come. I’m knowledgeable. I constantly work to ensure I’m up to speed on the latest trends, technology, and equipment. Not only do I have the ability to handle challenging logistical problems, but I'm able to easily assist you in coming up with solutions to on-site challenges. I have the experience and flexibility to quickly accommodate your changing needs on set. I give the proper attention to detail where needed. I know how to put you at ease because I know you hate to be photographed. I'm trustworthy. I'll exceed your expectations because I know what questions to ask before you know they need to be asked. I have your intertests in mind: I know to get model releases so you don't get sued. I carry insurance. Professionals know that accidents can happen on the job, and are prepared when the unfortunate happens. My clients hire me because they know they can count on me to do all these things consistently, on demand, over and over again. When you hire me, you're hiring a professional you can feel confident in and not just a person with a camera."

Liability — Professionals carry liability insurance to cover any property damage during a photography shoot.

Releases — Professionals know when Model and Property Releases are required and what they should include.

Equipment — Professionals have back-ups to get the job done even if there’s an equipment failure.

Efficiency — Professionals work to ensure your client’s or your business incurs minimal disruption during the shoot.

Paperwork — Professionals document the scope and cost of each job.

Copyright — Professionals understand copyright law and how it impacts the use of the images.

Licensing — Professionals know that images must be licensed to protect you and the work created.

Customer Service — Professionals treat you and your clients with courtesy and respect. Budget — Professionals stay on budget and inform you immediately if a request will alter the price.

Deadlines — Professionals meet deadlines.

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