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Matt Reese is a commercial photographer with a mind for entrepreneurship and innovation. Proudly based in Columbus, Ohio, Matt has quickly built a career for himself in the Midwest. His award-winning work has been featured in several gallery exhibitions, local and national publications, and thousands of Facebook profile photos through social marketing campaigns. With a background in both Fine Art and Marketing, his approach to photography attempts to blur the lines between art and commerce. In addition to his freelance work, he co-founded and produces motive., a networking event/ filmed program dedicated to the creative community (operating as a 501c3 nonprofit organization), serves as Chief Photographer & Producer at the Commons Studio, and is an active member of both the American Society of Media Photographers and American Advertising Federation.

Instagram: @MattReesePhoto
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Downtown | The Commons Studio             Studio: (614) 636-2003                        Workshop Co. | Short North
              199 South High St., STE #5               Mobile: (740) 319-2003                                     851 North Pearl St. 
                       Columbus, OH 43215                                                                                        Columbus, OH 43201