Arising from discontent among workers over dehumanizing changes in manufacturing, this assembly plant became known for the notorious Lordstown Strike of 1972.

The strikers were iconic with their "hipness," long hair, and mod fashion. Newsweek described the scene as an "industrial Woodstock." 

The 22-day strike cost G.M. $150 million.

On March 6th, 2019 -- Ash Wednesday -- the last Chevy Cruze made its way down the assembly line. A vigil was held just outside the plant as coworkers, friends, and community members stood in somber solidarity. 

GM's Lordstown complex shaken by more bad news
Vindicator Editorial: April 15, 2018

"The handwriting is on the wall of the massive General Motors car assembly complex in Lordstown, but the message remains unclear."

"Does the decrease in the number of workers from 4,200 when all three shifts were in place to 1,500 with only one shift suggest an uncertain future for the 52-year-old auto manufacturing facility?"

"At its peak in 1985, GM employed 15,000 people at the Lordstown plant."

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