Why Professional - Matt Reese

Why Hire a Professional?

Here’s the deal: EVERYONE IS A PHOTOGRAPHER. However, talent alone does not mean “professional.”

I regularly lead a presentation for American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) called What Makes US Professionals. In it, I outline the best business practices necessary to truly be considered a professional. A few of the key points include establishing a legal business entity, having a vendors license, carrying liability insurance, paying workers compensation, contracts, and understanding the Copyright Act of 1976. Beyond that, a professional also brings confidence and experience to the set.

It’s an interesting time for the industry as the barrier to entry has dropped significantly. It used to require years of studying to master the craft, including knowledge of chemistry and the luck of finding a great photographer who would be willing to bring on an apprentice. It was also expensive. Now, all it takes are some YouTube tutorials and about $1000 worth of decent gear to start making fantastic images. Careers can even be built with just an iPhone and a free Instagram account. It's INCREDIBLE-- and kind of confusing to new buyers. Here are several factors to consider when putting out an RFP:

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